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Animal Crossing New Leaf - Brand New Catch (July) |

Animal Crossing New Leaf – Brand New Catch (July)

The following guide will give you all the details on the new critters out this July! 25 bugs, 4 fish and one deep sea creature are on their way to the mainland.

Brand New Catch July Page 1
Brand New Catch July Page 2
Brand New Catch July Page 3

14 Responses to Animal Crossing New Leaf – Brand New Catch (July)

  1. Anne says:

    Thank you SOOOO much for this! You are so awesome for making this, whoever you are! xD

    My FC is 3454-0131-7242 if anyone wants to add me!

  2. jennytablina says:

    Thanks for this, literally caught an Arapaima last night by some sheer luck after midnight chimed in. Now to catch more of them to cash in!

    • Calvin N says:

      Wow i’m looking for one of those, arapaima is my favorite fish, I remember catching one on the fourth of july in animal crossing for gamecube, that was the first rare fish I caught. :D

      • Nick G. says:

        Wow, brings back crazy memories! Did you play AC:GC for this past July 4th? It’s the only AC version that celebrates it. B-)

  3. Nathan says:

    I really appreciate this and think you did a great job. Only thing I would love to see on it is possibly a rarity marker so that we know what we are prioritizing? I can look it up myself, but my lazy behind loves the chart and feel it would be complete with it.

  4. Grant says:

    I was wondering, but could you make a guide of which creatures are catchable all throughout the year, or maybe a season guide? Also, could you give us a rain icon to show us which have to be caught during the rain, and a fish shadow size to help know which fish is which? Thanks!

    • Nick G. says:

      A guide to fish/bugs/seafood throughout the year is in the works. As you can imagine it’s a pretty big undertaking. 174 critters… XD

      And yes, if rain is required I do show a rain icon. The only ones that would require one would be the Snail and the Coelacanth.

      Lastly, I’ll do my best to incorporate the shadow sizes in future guides.

  5. Anne says:

    Caught my last July creature tonight (cutting it close lol)- the Arapaima! After fishing up a boot, the next shadow I saw was huge so I hoped and found that giant fish haha. Can’t wait for the August guide! Thanks again for it! :)

  6. lel says:

    Looking for the August list. Should have been posted 3 days ago, come on guys. I WANT TO SEE THE LIST

    • Nick G. says:

      Hold your horses! It’s up on our tumblr, but we’re trying to make sure the website doesn’t explode like it did last time we posted the list. ;P

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