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Animal Crossing New Leaf – Brand New Catch (September) |

Animal Crossing New Leaf – Brand New Catch (September)

It’s time for another brand new catch guide for Animal Crossing New Leaf! (Note that the Spiny Lobster, Mitten Crab, Sweet Shrimp and Octopus appear the second half of the month!)


Lots of new things to catch on the mainland this month!

P.S. This is a list of critters that were not available in August but are now available in September, so you may have caught some of them when they were available in previous months.

6 Responses to Animal Crossing New Leaf – Brand New Catch (September)

  1. Ravi says:

    How does the time bar work? Are the darker blocks when the object is present or is that when they are NOT present?

    • Nick G. says:

      The darker blocks are when the critter is present. Is the time bar animation still unclear? Let me know what you think I should do to make it easier to read. :)

      • lu says:

        I think you should invert the colours: for example, while i’m seeing the Spiny Lobster time bar, i understand that it is available ALL the day EXCEPT late night, which is the exact contrary.

        For the sweet shrimp, however, it seems that it’s available only on daytime.

        Use the lighter color to mark the time the fishes are available to cathc ;)

        • Nick G. says:

          I appreciate your input, but the choice of color seems arbitrary. I chose a darker color because I perceived the opposite was true. I believe that either way will result in someone asking for the alternate color scheme. Additionally now that I’ve established the darker color in my guides I think it might be confusing to change it.

  2. Qjorq says:

    Isn’t the Monarch Butterfly on the island as well?

    • Nick G. says:

      You’re absolutely correct- thanks for catching that! I’ll edit the image and re-upload the corrected version when I get the chance. :)

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